Face Mask Policy at Buckerfields

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic one year ago not one single case of COVID has ever been traced to any of the nine Buckerfields stores.

To keep it that way, we do not permit people without proper face masks to enter our stores while the COVID pandemic continues and the public health order requiring face masks is in place.

We welcome and accommodate customers without face masks by making it possible for them to shop and order by telephone. We hand deliver their telephone purchases to their cars in the parking lot. We are pleased to provide this service to accommodate customers and to keep our community as safe as possible.

Our policy is consistent with the requirements of WorksafeBC, BC Human Rights and all other regulatory authorities.

People who are rude, abusive or disrespectful toward Buckerfields staff or customers will not be served and will be required to leave store premises immediately. People who continue to be uncooperative will be barred from shopping at Buckerfields and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

We wish everyone a safe and harmonious journey through the days of the COVID pandemic. We are thankful the situation isn’t much worse. We are proud to do our part to keep everyone safe while we continue to meet customers needs.

Thank you for your cooperation.