100 Years Of Experience

About Us

Long before sustainability became headline news, Buckerfield’s was a pioneer in providing home, garden, and farm products to customers who know that true value is found in quality supplies that benefit our families, our animals, and mother nature. With over 90,000 items in stock at our nine convenient locations, we’ve got everything you could possibly need for your pets, livestock, vegetables, bees, and everything else you might be working on. And with over 100 years of experience, our experts are happy to share knowledge to help you with your latest project. Because we’re here to take care of our customers - it just comes naturally to us.


  • Creation



    With real farming experience under his belt, Ernest Buckerfield set out west from Moncton in 1890, and after a series of successful ventures, founded Buckerfield’s in 1927.

  • Expansion



    Thanks to forward-thinking management and a wide selection of offerings, Buckerfield’s continued to expand through the 1930s and soon became the largest feed company in British Columbia.

  • Production



    Buckerfield’s invested in a new process that concentrated Vitamin A in grass for use as an ingredient in animal feed, and by 1947 became the largest producer in the Commonwealth.

  • Acquisition



    During a grave illness, Ernest Buckerfield sold the company to two family-owned firms in Winnipeg. Happily, he recovered and served as president of the jointly owned company until his retirement.

  • Consolidation



    After 14 years of productive partnership with Federal Grain, Pioneer Grain acquired complete ownership of Buckerfield’s in 1965.

  • Vision



    Five shareholders purchased Buckerfield’s in 2005, with a vision of establishing a chain of modern retail stores that would bring high-quality products to an even wider audience.

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